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**Key Details updated for Lion's Gate 2023**

I will host Daily Live Transmissions during the peak of Lion's Gate Portal, August 1-8

You will also receive complimentary access to The Divine Feminine Rose Code Activation (Live July 22), Worthy: The Revolution, The New Earth Frequency Activation, and the Spiritual Abundance Activator.

You will also receive automatic access to...

8 Powerful Activations recorded during the Lion's Gate Portal 2022 corresponding to the primary energy centers of the body (plus the 8th to complete the octave and begin the new), activating them to the higher octave New Earth Frequencies

Including 8 Wisdom Teachings Modules and Bonus Ancient Modern Mystery School TeachingsBridging Science and Spirituality

  • 8 Golden Keys Activations recorded during the Lion's Gate from 8/1 through 8/8 2022, amplifying the energetics of each activation
  • 8 Modules of Wisdom teachings corresponding to each Gate and the energetics of each Key required to unlock your inner wealth
  • Bonus content related to abundance and New Earth energetics
  • You will have forever access to the Portal, including all modules and activations
  • Bonus Visualizations and Meditations



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