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Integrating Duality Golden Flame Meditation + Ritual Reflection Guide

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Embark on a beautiful journey back to self, a return to wholeness and remembrance of your power, beauty, and divinity. This Golden Flame Healing and Integration Meditation and Activation that came through is one of my favorites yet (which is saying a lot!).

This beautiful and powerful journey guides us through the velvety flames of alchemy in the heart and womb space to release old energies and integrate aspects of self to reclaim our power. Guided by goddesses, we journey deep into the depths of ourselves to uncover and re-member our magic and the infinite possibilities that lie within.

You will feel grounded and embodied in your wholeness and holiness.

Included is an in-depth Personal Inquiry and Reflection guide for you to create sacred space for yourself. This includes a Deep Dive Audio Transmissions into the notion of Integration Duality and Unravelling the Meaning of the Goddess Myths and Mysteries that pertain to duality as Persephone and Demeter and the Light and Dark Goddess Sisters including Hathor and Sekhmet, Isis and Nepthys, and Inanna and Ereshkigal.

The PDF includes over 20 Journaling Prompts, a playlist, and embodiment practices in addition to the links to the meditation and audio transmissions as we integrate the powerful lessons of the shadows into the light, as well as Ritual Tools and Creation inspiration for this time.



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