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Spiritual Abundance with Ease

Abundance is your birthright. It is time to claim your divine inheritance.

Abundance is not just about money, it is about an energetic state of being based in trust, freedom, and flow. The currency of the future is based in a foundation of peace. Prosperity will be measured by the amount of love, light, joy, and beauty we bring to the world.

This Activation and Immersion will expand your energetic container to receive and bring you into closer alignment with your posperity. You will shift your innerstanding of abundance and wealth to align with the New Earth codes of Prosperity.

There are two options available:

? High Heart Wealth Portal Activation *only* July 26, 2023 as the Lion's Gate Portal Opens

? The Full Spiritual Abundance Activator Experience, which will include the High Heart Wealth Portal Activation plus 12+ videos, plus bonus activations, journaling prompts, tools, and practices to step into the flow of abundance.

Details about the Full Immersion:

✨ In this Immersion you will expand your perception and innerstanding of Abundance and Prosperity to align with New Earth Wealth Consciousness and expand your container to receive.

✨ You will get crystal clear on your blocks to receiving the abundance of love, joy, prosperity, and peace you desire, and receive tools and processes to excavate and clear those blocks and finally rewrite your story for good.

✨ Additionally, you will learn the spiritual science of co-creation from the high heart portal to activate infinite manifestation.

✨ Topics include Money as Energy, Peaceful Prospirity, Wealth Consciousness, New Earth Wealth Codes, Rewriting your Story, Living in the Flow, Expanding your Capacity to Receive, and more

You will instant access to the course Portal and receive access to the content as soon as it is available. Bonuses are already uploaded.


? You will receive instant access to Worthy: The Revolution

? Complimentary Access to The Divine Feminine Rose Code Activation (July 22)

? The New Earth Frequnecy Activation (Channeled on the Solstice)

? Infinite Possibilities Visualization

? Higher Self Activation (Channeled on the 777 Portal)

Value is 10x the current price; the price will increase as we approach the Lion's Gate, so if this feels aligned, trust, say yes, and open to receive!



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