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Ignite Your Power and Align with the Infinite Possibilities of 2024

Dragons have captured our imagination through myth and legend as powerful beasts of duality – both as creatures of terror and destruction and as divine protectors that bring bounty and good fortune.

2024 brings the powerful energy of 8 which is all about Expansion, Flow, Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, and Infinite Possibilities, and it beautifully coincides with the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese calendar.

We will meet on the 1/11 portal – a beautiful portal of alignment and manifestation – which this year just so happens to magically and synchronistically coincide with the New Moon, which always brings the energy of New Beginnings.

As if that were not enough power and magic to align with, Earth's grid is upgraded to a new level of frequency and consciousness, channeled by the energetic 'dragon lines' that run through her, like her own meridian system.

Harmonize with the dance of the celestial spheres and harness this potent and magical energy as we dive into the powerful alignments that are assisting us collectively in this shift as Pluto enters Aquarius and significant planets go direct.

We will work with the dragon energy through a meditation and activation and a practice to help you connect with your dragon, and you will will away empowered and inspired to share your soul magic in 2024!

Date: January 11, 3pmEST 2024

Location: Zoom (you will receive a PDF with link upon purchase

If you cannot join live or for the whole time, you will receive a link to the replay.

How do I Access the Workshop?

You will receive a PDF download with the access link, and an email reminder before the event with the link inside. Mark emails from as safe!

What should I bring?

Yourself, an open mind, a journal/ notebook and pen to take notes with, and a blank piece of paper to draw on ;)

What if I can't Join Live?

If you can't join live or something comes up not to worry – I will send out the link to the replay as soon as it is processed!

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